Magic-Con is an interactive conference for those serious about the art of magic, where those in attendance can share ideas, insight, and a common experience while working together towards the advancement of an art form.

Our dream

As our mission to advance the art of magic, Magic-Con will provide a platform for magic’s smartest thinkers, greatest visionaries, and top performers offering presentations behind the art, science and technology of magic. Through this shared knowledge, we aim to cultivate the next generation of magic through inspiration.

Begin your journey

Magic-Con is not a traditional magic convention. It is an intellectual conference for those serious about the art. It is a full three-day weekend of lectures, discussions, interviews, performances, presentations, interactive activities, and whatever else we can dream up. But don’t get us wrong — you’ll have a blast!

In addition to lectures, there will be talks and presentations by non-magic professionals on topics such as: entertainment, business, science, and technology. These are just a few examples of fields we strongly feel our art can benefit from.

Magic-Con 2014 will take place April 10th through the 13th in San Diego, California.