Magic-Con was founded by Dan and Dave Buck and Syd Segal. However, it is a collaborative project being organized by a team of creative individuals who all share a passion for magic and its advancement.

Dan and Dave Buck

Dan and Dave are true visionaries of the art. They are responsible for starting an international movement in magic that has shaped a generation of young magicians and artists. Their original style and technique inspired a genre of magic known as Card Flourishes, which in the past several years has spread like wildfire across the internet and has even led them to work on both feature films and television. They are authors of several books and DVDs on the subject, and through their production company they have produced dozens of DVDs for the best magicians in the world.

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Syd Segal

Syd is a native San Diego magician and organizer of the city’s lecture circuit. He is the author of Full Metal Jacket, a book featuring the card magic of JC Wagner and himself, as well as Simply Sydney, a DVD featuring card magic that he has created.