Past Sponsors

Past sponsors of Magic-Con include:

Banta Property Management

Banta Property Management is an elite residential property management company located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Cars & Carts

A South Texas entertainment company supporting magic and the arts.

Dan and Dave

Dan and Dave have been called “visionaries” in the art of magic and cardistry. They are world-renowned for their unique style and transformation of the craft into visual art. Through their website, they promote the advancement of magic through a curated shopping experience.

Genii, The Conjurors’ Magazine

Genii was first introduced in 1936 and has been the premier magazine for magicians around the world for 74 years. The history of magic is in the pages of Genii; it has featured the best magicians and their secrets in a way no other magazine has ever done. Today Genii, The Conjurors’ Magazine, moves into the 21st century with new innovations and features unmatched in the world of magic.


Theory11 is your source for the latest and greatest magic tricks, instructional magic DVDs, and playing cards. Every product you see on Theory11 is produced in-house by an elite team of industry-leading performers, creators, editors, and producers.