18 Feb 2014

The Magic of Being Different

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“There is depth to his performance, which makes the viewer reflect upon themselves and life – more than trying to figure out how a trick works. Brett Loudermilk and Rob Zabrecky are giving new life to the oldest arts in the world by living the magic of being different without tricking the audience.”

30 Jan 2014

BOX by Bot & Dolly

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Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping onto moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera.

17 Mar 2011

War of the Wands

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Wired magazine compares two of the most preeminent magicians of the 20th century, Howard Thurson and Harry Houdini. Learn why Jim Steinmeyer, author of The Last Greatest Magician in The World, thinks Thurston’s Wonder Show of the Universe would probably be the show you would most likely wish to take in and how Houdini was actually not a very good magician.

Read the full article from Wired here.

26 Feb 2011

Encore with Lennart Green: Exclusive Workshop

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David Blaine described Lennart Green as one of the few performers who convince people they are watching real magic. Steve Forte describes him as innovative and creative. And Martin Gardner said he was one of the few magicians who could really knock your socks off with his magic.

Don’t miss the amazing opportunity to witness Lennart Green live at Magic-Con 2011.

As an encore, Dan and Dave are presenting an exclusive workshop from this incomparable magician. Limited to only 30 seats and recommended for serious students, this is a rare privilege to learn hands-on from a master. The workshop will begin at 7pm on Sunday, March 27th, and is scheduled for three hours. However, considering the breadth of material in Lennarts’ repertoire, who knows how late this might actually go. This workshop will cover entirely different material then explained during Lennart’s lecture for Magic-Con.

For more details and to reserve your seat in this very private session, visit www.dananddave.com

18 Feb 2011

Magic-Con(juring) Arts Research Contest

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For those of you on the fence about attending Magic-Con, we are offering a little incentive to help make it happen. The Conjuring Arts Research Center has offered a contest where a one page research paper (or more) can be submitted. The top ten papers will get a voucher for $50 off a Magic-Con registration!*

The research doesn’t have to be earth shattering, although we will be choosing the best ones. Perhaps something along the lines of comparing and contrasting the double lifts in Expert Card Technique, a paper documenting all the times that Jay Sankey uses the Erdnase Color Change in his most recent video and for what purposes, a complete bibliography of the published works of Tony Chang, a list of the secret ends that a half pass can accomplish (switch, force, change, ?), etc. Have fun, be clever, and make it short and interesting.

In addition to the registration discount, you may also have the opportunity to present your research at the convention, if you are so inclined.

Research papers must be submitted by Sunday, February 27, so you have time to book your plane travel to what will be a very awesome experience!

*New registrations only, unfortunately.

12 Feb 2011

The Last Greatest Magician

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Jim Steinmeyer’s latest book uncovers the life of America’s last greatest magician, Howard Thurston. Read more

12 Feb 2011

The Space Between

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The Space Between is an interactive playground all about the intersection of magic and art presented by artist Glenn Kaino and card magician Derek DelGaudio of art collective A. Bandit.

The exhibit will breath daily as a “conceptual magic shop” where Kaino and DelGaudio will develop magic tricks based on suggestions from guests visiting the gallery as part of their piece, Ready to Be Made.

Visit them in the LAXART Annex at Space 15 Twenty for more information and to offer your own suggestion for what they might develop into a real trick.

03 Feb 2011

How Does the Brain Work?

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Recently on NOVA scienceNOW, host Neil DeGrasse Tyson traveled to Las Vegas to meet with leading magicians and neuroscientists to discuss why our brain allows us to be fooled by magic. Read more

28 Jan 2011

Rubik’s Cube Champions

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Magic-Con is very excited to announce the attendance and special presentation from two of the fastest Rubik’s cube solvers in the world, Tyson Mao and Chris Dzoan. Moderating the presentation will be professional magician and cube enthusiast John George. John has an exceptional understanding of the cube and is known for incorporating it in his show. He’ll not only interview both Tyson and Chris about the fundamental concepts of solving the cube, but discuss how magicians can benefit from this knowledge and skill. Read more

30 Nov 2010

Win a trip to Magic-Con 2011

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This Holiday season win the trip of a lifetime by simply shopping at magics leading store for magicians, www.dananddave.com

Not only do Dan and Dave offer the highest quality playing cards, a quintessential selection of both classic and new books, revolutionary DVDs from todays top magicians, hand exercisers and other great accessories, but the chance of winning a free trip to to Magic-Con 2011. For more information, please read the official Rules and Regulations.